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27, Libra, INFP, Love Language: Quality Time

From writing eighth grade Hunger Games fanficiton to one day publishing, Rachel Serrin is the new name to science fiction and fantasy.  As a lover of everything non-reality, Rachel Serrin harnessed the power of her A.D.D. mind to create unique fantasy worlds embodying the seven deadly sins. 

meet rachel

It started with the epiphany of a girl waking up in a world that wasn't her own, and six years later, Serrin completed the first book, Behold the Sins.  From there, more worlds and characters breathed into her mind, and so she continued to write. It is her escape from reality, other than playing the Sims or reading fanfiction. Rachel also enjoys cooking, cuddling with her cat, Maggie, obsessing over anything Obi-Wan Kenobi, and going to the gym. 

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"A dangerous, exciting adventure."

behold the sins

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Broken worlds.
Twisted destinies.
A game never won.
Beware, the blood.

beware the blood

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